What Men Have Said:

Men have said to Emerson over the years, “You connected all the dots for me. I never knew why I felt the way that I felt until listening to you.” This is why one NBA President and Owner brought Emerson in to speak to the coaches and team about a man’s need for honor and respect. When men feel dishonored and unjustly treated, relationships do not go well.

Yes, men need love. However, in most cases men do not lack assurance of being loved. In marriage, the women love to love. Ask a husband, “Does your wife love you?” and he’ll reply, “Yes.” However, ask, “Does she like you?” and he’ll reply, “No, not today.” Too often he feels disrespected.

If you are like most men, looking around the internet for information on relationships isn’t a comfortable thing to do. But we believe you have come to the right place! We understand your maleness, your mother-tongue. We salute you for visiting the Love and Respect website. This is a sign that you are an honorable man, or yearn to be.

Fair and Balanced:

The Love and Respect message is fair and balanced and puts a vocabulary to what you feel and think as a man. In addition, we explain that sometimes a wife and other women in a man’s life claim he is unloving. But they don’t understand the degree to which he felt disrespected moments before reacting in a way that felt unloving. We refer to this as the Crazy Cycle. without love a wife reacts without respect and without respect a husband reacts without love.

  1. If you are unfamiliar with the Crazy Cycle, we recommend learning more about it.  Please listen to our first and #1 podcast on “The Crazy Cycle.” IT IS FREE!  This is a podcast that my son Jonathan, a clinical psychologist, and I do each week. You will hear firsthand a simple message about the Crazy Cycle that has revolutionized thousands of marriages.
  2. Please read the classic work called Love and Respect. The fact that this book has made it to the New York Times bestseller list twice indicates that this message is life-changing and marriage-changing. Why? It is a marriage book that is fair to men. Many women say, “Why has no one ever told us this before?” They are as thrilled as the men. In this book, I address 3 cycles that a man and a woman experience, which explain why we negatively react, how to motivate another, and what to do when the other person isn’t responding.
  3. We have a male friendly devotional book written for men to do with their wives. Check it out here or see below.
  4. If you are more visual and auditory, please watch the live marriage conference on DVD or streaming. There I cover the 3 Cycles: The Crazy Cycle, The Energizing Cycle, and the Rewarded Cycle.

With Love and Respect,

Emerson and Sarah