While many folks associate the Love and Respect message with husbands and wives, I have my PhD in Child and Family Ecology. I studied the family, and taught about family for many years but waited until my children were adults and could speak back into what we did as parents. Whether you have younger or older children, I share the foundational principles for parenting successfully in God’s eyes.

Please consider two major resources:

  • Love and Respect in the Family (click here). I take an depth look at a child’s need for love and a parent’s need for respect. God instructs children to honor father and mother, but how do parents deal with those moments when they feel disrespected? How can parents stop the negative reactions in the family and motivate the children to respond positively? Please read this parenting book!
  • Mother and Son: The Respect Effect (click here)  Mothers have written to tell me of the incredible impact Respect Talk has had on their sons. However, prior to learning about Respect Talk to boys, these moms were unaware of how a few vocabulary words could affect the heart of a boy. This book will enable mom’s to connect with their sons in ways they long to do.

With Love and Respect,

Emerson and Sarah