Read the Book - Now What?

So you read the Love & Respect book and are asking “Now what?”

We recommend a few things.

First, have you considered going through the Love and Respect book but this time with the comprehensive workbook? Click here.  Also, consider doing the study with your spouse or telling your friends about the Love & Respect book and then invite them to do the study with you.

Second, did you know Emerson wrote a sequel to the classic Love & Respect, called The Language of Love & Respect? (Click here). This also has a comprehensive accompanying workbook (Click here).

Third, we offer the 6.5 hour Love and Respect Marriage conference on DVD or streaming.

Four, we have created a small group study of the 7 hour Love and Respect Marriage conference. Click here. You can go through this with a small group and we provide all the resources to do so including workbooks and directions for leaders!

Five, what about the male friendly devotional for couples? Check this out.

Six, always consider couples getting married or who are in crisis and gift them the Love & Respect book or the other resources mentioned that provide the foundational principles of the Love and Respect message. Give forward and God bless you.

With Love and Respect,

Emerson and Sarah