Small Groups

Thank You!

Thank you for considering leading a small group. Sarah and I are honored that you would do so. There are very few settings where significant topics are discussed, mutual encouragement given, and heart changes take place, but a small group is one of those places. Thank you for having a vision to impact others with the Love and Respect message!

Looking for our resources and topics for small groups?

We have studies for the married, the pre-married, and for women. We are creating new small group materials each year.


Right now, please consider one of four resources:

  • A 10-Week, 6.5 Hour Love and Respect Marriage Conference, which is available on DVD or online streaming.
  • A six week study called Building Blocks (click here)
  • The Illumination Project for millennials and older to do together to learn about marriage (click here)
  • Respectfully Yours, a small group study for women (click here)

With each study we provide a workbook for the participants we supply the leader with a free leader’s guide that gives you useful information on leading a small group.

Years ago when Sarah and I did a small group a neighbor said to us in our home after the third session, “You know, for years we have gotten together with people in social settings. Each time I expected that we’d discuss heart-felt issues like we are doing here but we never did. It never happened. Finally, after years of waiting for this kind of thing, it is now happening. Thank you. This is so meaningful to me.’”

We believe the people you invite will have a similar experience!

With Love and Respect,

Emerson and Sarah

Three Quick Tips:

  1. Recognize the significant impact a small group makes on the individual and couple.
  2. Sometimes people in a small group convey their opinions in dogmatic ways that step on toes. But as they engage with others, their hearts soften and wonderful things begin to take place within them.
  3. Open and close in prayer. When you do, lift up in prayer specific people by name before the Lord. Some have never had anyone pray for them by name.