The Crazy Cycle In Marriage Study Guide

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The Crazy Cycle in Marriage Workbook (download) completes the 4-part video-driven Bible study from Right Now Media and includes leader’s guide notes, summaries and discussion questions for all four sessions, and information on how to get the most out of this video study. Whether you’re studying on your own or leading a group as a volunteer or a paid staff member, this downloadable material will help you and your group focus on the meaningful teaching in The Crazy Cycle in Marriage.

In order for every member of your group to get the most out of this series, everyone will need a copy of the workbook.

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2 reviews for The Crazy Cycle In Marriage Study Guide

  1. Jose Doniz

    Excellent material with 4 concise and specific messages about how to get out of the “so easy to fall into”, crazy cycle in marriages. A must do for men, women or marriages ministries.

  2. Rob Jadrnicek (verified owner)

    The content of the video is great! However the discussion questions are basic, and do not promote a lot of discussion (mainly because the answers are in the content). Many of the questions are redundant as well.

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