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Audio Books

The Love & Respect Experience Audio Book

CODE: 10038

Have you ever been excited about having a regular devotional time with your spouse, only to end up feeling distracted, frustrated, or misunderstood after... More

Love and Respect in the Family Audio Book

CODE: 10076


Love and Respect in the Family gives practical guidance to help break the Crazy Cycle of family conflict and replace it with a healthy, encouraging rhythm. Based on what the Bible says to parents about parenting, this audiobook focuses on achieving healthy family dynamics. Dr. Eggerichs offers unprecendented transparency by including input from his wife and three adult children, who share wisdom gained from the good, the bad, and the ugly of their family life.

Love & Respect Audio Book on CD

CODE: 10017

Read by Dr. Eggerichs and approximately 5.5 hours long, this slightly abridged version does not include the Appendices.

Cracking the Communication Code Audio Book on CD

CODE: 10019

This unabridged version is read by Dr. Eggerichs and is approximately 6 hours long.