The Way to Make That Special Day Special!

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In this series Emerson Eggerichs addresses a wife’s sentimental desire for love. And, just as women have sentimental feelings around love men have sentimental feelings around honor and respect. This is content every husband and wife should know and Emerson’s desire is for individuals, couples and small groups to complete this four part series.

Each part (or chapter) includes a video and a PDF of written content and discussion questions.

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How To Make Your Spouse Feel Special!

Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, and More This is content every husband and wife should know. A group of couples going through this in a small group will find it enlightening and encouraging! Dr. E says… I want individuals, couples and small groups to receive this four part series. There are four videos you can download along with a PDF (40 pages) that has four corresponding chapters and discussion questions that will help you make your spouse feel special.

Video/Chapter #1. Her Sentimental Desire for Love

Some husbands do not fully grasp the sentimentality of their wives when it comes to love. Oh, he knows he ought to give her a rose but does not fully grasp why that touches her so deeply. Were she to give him a rose his response would differ. He would not be on the phone gushing to his buddy, “She got me a rose.” So what transpires in the soul of a woman who tears up when receiving a love note and a flower, and prompts her to call her girlfriends and sisters? We explain to men how God hardwired their wives and once knowing this it makes a colossal difference in the marriage.

Video/Chapter #2. His Sentimental Desire for Respect

As women have sentimental feelings around love men have sentimental feelings around honor and respect. In our second part of this presentation, I reveal that because of the depth of feeling about love that stirs in the hearts of women hour by hour, and exceeds anything most men can imagine, this can cause some wives to be unobservant of what ignites a husband emotionally. The good news is that there is one simple thing a wife can do that can change the whole nature of their marriage. She can actually see her husband tear up. This is a most significant topic to discuss as a couple or in a small group. But there is still more.

Video/Chapter #3. Her Craving for a Story

For wives a special occasion like Valentine’s Day is important to her so she can have a story to share with her girlfriends and sisters. Women create rapport with other women by giving the report of these special occasions. But what happens in the heart of a wife when her husband fails to fulfill a romantic expectation? This is a crucial moment for many wives. How should she handle this moment?

Video/Chapter #4. His Craving for Sex

On the heels of celebrating a special day like Valentine’s Day, the issue of sex enters the equation between husband-and-wife. However, for some couples this ignites marital trouble causing a fabulous special day to turn sour. Why? And, what can couples do about this? Find out the answers to these questions in the series The Way to Make That Special Day Special!

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